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Thursday, May 28, 2009

French Inspired

Hi Friends,

I thought I would show you another trade show drapery vignette.

This Window Expo event was in Georgia.

The designer featured used our tape products in selected areas.

The cornice board has our sealah shaper 7 guage on the ruffle. Our shaper actually has created the ruffle affect.
Can you see how it stands out?! You can bend it or shape it anyway you want! It is sold in of 7 yard spool on our website.

The side panels we hemmed with our sealah no sew 1/2" size tape. .

The lamp shade is recovered to match the chair. The designer used our sealah no sew double sided adhesive to apply the fabric and trims. She decided to buy our 5 yard variety pack. You get 5 sizes in the pack. Very handy when you need several different widths for your project.

Also the designer had enough no sew tape left over from the variety pack...she embellished the pillow trims with our tape!

Remember our product does not yellow. Has no toxic smell. Odorless!! Clear and thinnest on the market!
Drys in 24 hours or sooner if you press it with an iron:)

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Drapery Ideas with the help of Sealah "No Sew" Products


This drapery treatment was displayed at our Window Covering Expo in Massachusetts.

The side panels were hemmed with 7/8"sealah no sew tape. Banding salvage edge was taped with 1/2" sealah tape and then sewn to complete each panel.

The Cornice Board was stapled and padded. The ball trim at the edge of the shaped cornice was added with sealah no sew 1/2" inch tape.

All sealah no sew tapes are available in 5 yard and 30 yard spools on our website.

The scroll look was stapled down first in the shape desired, then the welt was attached with double sided 20 gauge sealah shaper. It has a flexible thin wire that helps with the ease of placing the welt.

The 20 guage sealah shaper is sold in 7 yard spools on our website.

All our products are a wonderful help to drapery workrooms, time saving value with each drapery project.

Be creative with Sealah Tape!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Dee Waddell
Jodee's Inc

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Apron's are in Fashion

Hello Friends,

I thought I would share this apron with you this week.

Have you noticed how popular aprons are right now? I bought this ready made canvas apron at Joanne's Craft Store and my daughter Kay Ellen had fun embellishing it with fabric, ribbon, trim and buttons she found in my drapery workroom. She used our tape to add each item.

This photo and my daughter's blog are featured in Artful Blogging by Somerset Studios 2009 Summer Issue!

It is available to buy at Barnes and Noble right now.

We are thrilled that an apron embellished with sealah tape was featured in her article.

Have a great week.

Be inspired to embellish and create with Sealah no sew tape!


Jodees Inc.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let's Embellish a Place mat!

I love showing how easy the sealah no sew tape is to use. For this project I used the 1/2 inch roll of sealah no sew tape.

We just changed a plain black place mat into a custom look with pretty pink ball fringe.

Remember this place mat will be washable after 24 hours.

Hope I have inspired you to try something new!

Have fun with your Sealah Tape!

Bye Bye!

Dee Waddell

Jodee Inc.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

If these shoes could talk...

Hello Friends,

I was just thinking about all the wonderful samples and ideas we have for our traveling trade

These darling shoes were embellished with lace and buttons...both put on with sealah no sew tape over a year ago!

We have traveled from California, Arizona, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oregon, Washington and Georgia and Massachusetts.
These shoes have been on every trip and have inspired many to use our sealah no sew tape in more crafty ways!

The next time you order a roll of tape remember to tell us what you are doing with our tape? We would love to hear about it!

Thank you for stopping by!

Jodees Inc

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taping on Glass

Hello Friends,

Spring filled days are here again with blooms around my yard and my orange tree full of fruit.

My daughter Kay Ellen has a beautiful tutorial up on her blog using our 3/8" Sealah no sew adhesive tape.

She taped away with these simple glass cylinder vases she found at Walmart.

As you can see she used lace, silver serving utensils, buttons and some broken vintage jewelry!

Make sure and stop by her blog and enter her May Day contest she is choosing a winner in a few days.

Until next time, have a wonderful creative week!

Thank you for the visit,