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Friday, May 22, 2009

Drapery Ideas with the help of Sealah "No Sew" Products


This drapery treatment was displayed at our Window Covering Expo in Massachusetts.

The side panels were hemmed with 7/8"sealah no sew tape. Banding salvage edge was taped with 1/2" sealah tape and then sewn to complete each panel.

The Cornice Board was stapled and padded. The ball trim at the edge of the shaped cornice was added with sealah no sew 1/2" inch tape.

All sealah no sew tapes are available in 5 yard and 30 yard spools on our website.

The scroll look was stapled down first in the shape desired, then the welt was attached with double sided 20 gauge sealah shaper. It has a flexible thin wire that helps with the ease of placing the welt.

The 20 guage sealah shaper is sold in 7 yard spools on our website.

All our products are a wonderful help to drapery workrooms, time saving value with each drapery project.

Be creative with Sealah Tape!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Dee Waddell
Jodee's Inc

1 comment:

  1. Above window you shown has a excellent work in each and every place....The drapery looks so cute and giving a great look. And you explained about the work how is done...
    Thank you for the drapery explanation...

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